Stretch Hood

Stretch hood is a tube of film sealed on one end, which is stretched over a palletised load by a machine to secure the contents to the pallet.

Ideal for unstable and very light loads such as toilet paper or empty bottles, Stretch hood is the solution to stop pallets tipping over in the wrapping process.

A versatile product that will prevent the most common types of damage to palletised goods such as shifting, ripped or loose packaging, crushing, water damage and infestation.

Advantages of Stretch Hood
* Ideal for unstable loads such as toilet paper or empty bottles.
* Prevents loads shifting during the wrapping process.
* No more ripped or loose packaging.
* Strong load containment.
* Limits product or box crushing.
* Prevents water damage & infestation.

Features of our film.
* StarFlex formula for excellent puncture resistance.
* Film will not stick to itself, means less machine problems.
* High clarity film for barcoding.
* Printable for brand exposure.
* 3- layer laminated construction.