Wraptor Prime

Wraptor Prime is a high performance stretch film that utilises the latest in resin and manufacturing technology. Only 30-50% film stretch is required to achieve a strong containment force.

Wraptor Prime film is our most cost efficient film. Users can expect to use 20-30% less film per pallet when compared to conventional pallet wrap, without any decrease in load retention.
To reduce workplace injuries and early fatigue, Wraptor Prime hand rolls are only 2kg each. Wraptor Prime machine rolls are nearly 3000m in length to reduce machine down time.

Film Features:
* 20-30% less film per pallet.
* Only requires 30-50% stretch.
* Strong puncture resistance, with Anti-Snap Technology.
* Strong load retention properties.
* Light hand rolls to reduce injury.
* Long machine rolls to reduce downtime.
* Very High film clarity for barcode readers.