Wraptor Colour

Using Wraptor Colour stretch film is the best way to make pallets quickly and easily identifiable.

Capable of up to 175% pre-stretch this film offers good elongation, robust puncture resistance and strong load-holding force. Silent unwinding and anti-snap technology assures easy application for the film operator.
Advantages of coloured Stretch Film:
* Day Shift / Night Shift stock tracking.
* Quickly identify important pallets.
* Separating or quarantining stock.
* Separating transport runs.

Film Features:
* Quickly identify stock.
* Stretchable up to 175%.
* Strong puncture resistance.
* Strong load retention properties.
* Strong performance for hand or machine applications.
* No stick outer layer allows maximum truck cubing.
Available In: Black, Yellow, Green, Red & Blue tints.