Builders Film

Builders Film / Concrete Underlay (AS2870)

Polyethylene builders film is an all purpose film commonly used as an underlay for concrete slabs and as a moisture and vapour barrier Prior Packaging's Builders film meets and exceeds the Australian standard (AS2870) for high impact requirements.


You can always rely on Prior Packaging's Film to meet all aspects of Australian Standards, including
- Printing in accordance to AS2870
- Thickness in acordance with AS/NZS4347.9 & AS2870
- Impact resistance in accordance with AS/NZS4347.9 & AS2870
- Moisture penetration / permeability AS2870
- IR3 High Impact
Qualities of our Film:
  • Lightweight
  • Formable
  • Impact resistant
  • Weldable
  • Machinable
  • Excellent electrical properties
  • Cost effective
Common Applications:
  • Building - Roof protecton sheet
  • Construction - Underlay
  • Concreting - Damp Proof membrane
  • Landscaping - Pond and dam lining
  • Packaging - Pallet wrapping
  • Industrial applications



High Impact Builders Film

85990 2m/4m centerfold sheeting 50m 200um black
85999 2m/4m centerfold sheeting 50m 200um orange
85888 2m/4m centerfold sheeting 25m 300um orange
85288 2m/4m centerfold sheeting 50m 200um natural